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AddX améliore la qualité du carburant, économisant jusqu’à 20% sur les coûts de carburant et réduit les émissions de 50%

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A propos de l'entreprise

AddX International

AddX addresses the quality of your fuel in your tank in real time resulting in a cleaner and more efficient combustion. AddX will reduce your fuel consumption, increase power output and increase engine torque, lower maintenance costs and cut all exhaust emissions significantly. Fuel with AddX added falls within the parameters set by the European Union fuel standards and therefore conforms to ALL engine manufacturer fuel specifications.

Description de la mission

Nous sommes à la recherche d’agents commerciaux qui peuvent nous obtenir des connexions avec des entreprises qui utilisent de grandes quantités d’essence, de diesel et de kérosène.

Compétences requises du profil

Doit avoir une bonne compréhension du secteur de l’énergie principalement les combustibles.

Clientèle ciblée

Tous les principaux utilisateurs de carburant, camions, navires, équipements miniers, générateurs de puissance et unités industrielles d’échange de chaleur. Essence, diesel et kérosène.

Description du produit ou service

We don't sell fuel, it is a chemical product that splash mixes with petrol, diesel and kerosene.

Fossil fuels are composed of hydrocarbon chains. It is widely accepted that fuels composed of smaller molecules are the most homogeneous or uniform in structure. Simply, the more structurally uniform a fuel, the cleaner and more consistently it burns. This applies to all type of fossil fuel. A less “dense” fuel such as natural gas will be comprised of smaller carbon/ hydrogen molecules, have a more uniform molecular structure and will burn much cleaner. However, it contains less energy value and thus will produce less energy. Conversely, a very “dense” fuel such as coal is far from uniform in structure with its dense carbon/hydrogen molecules.

Although it contains much greater energy values it will produce much higher emissions as a result.

As fuel leaves the refinery it starts to degrade and moves away from its ideal state resulting in poorer combustion quality, lower fuel economy and higher exhaust emissions. Many fuels are structurally compromised even before leaving the refinery, particularly those used in the marine industry. AddX is used to counter this degradation by dispersing contaminants or actively cleaning carbonaceous matter that has resulted from burning fuel that is or has become less homogeneous.

Conventional additive technologies deliver valuable functions such as cleaning, lubrication and protection.

However, few actually improve the fuel structurally. Therefore, more can be done to improve the structural composition of fuel and more importantly to maintain this structural uniformity.

All Fuels have a fixed energy value that cannot be manipulated or increased. AddX improves the structure of fuels to maximise the available energy and deliver the most efficient and cleanest burn possible without the use of conventional dispersants, combustion improvers and metal based catalysts. AddX is completely free of metals and ash. AddX takes a unique approach to fuel conditioning by addressing the real time quality of fuel to produce the most homogenous state possible. Acting as a nano colloid of around 80µ in size it aggressively disperses carbon chains creating a more structurally uniform fuel.

Fuel Quality
AddX treated fuel falls within the minimum standard parameters set by the European Union. This means the fuel is not altered and conforms to all engine manufacturers specifications.

In some countries fuel is “extended” or has additives mixed on delivery into the country. AddX will show better than normal results when used with this fuel as generally this fuel is out of EU / manufactures recommended fuel standards.

AddX Application
1 part AddX to 3,000 parts fuel (1:3,000) 1ml treats 3 litres of fuel. Ideally, AddX should be added before fuel to aid mixing. This is particularly important where agitation from natural movement of the fuel tank is limited. Pour required amount into fuel storage or day tank and add fuel.

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          AddX améliore la qualité du carburant, économisant jusqu’à 20% sur les coûts de carburant et réduit les émissions de 50%

          AddX International

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